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Elastomeric Coatings
Wood decks and boat docks are the outdoor enthusiast's platform to adventure!  However, wood that is outdoors year round is constantly exposed to nature's elements and can become very cracked and damaged over time.  Bring new life to your platform to adventure.  This product can save these old surfaces by filling in cracks, so you can revive your decks and docks without the cost of total replacement. Let the fun and action begin ! 


Provides maximum hide and 5 -7 year longevity to extremely damaged wood and concrete. Surface restoration and waterproofing in one product.

Washrite can also apply "Anti -Skid" additive to the elastomeric coating to create a slip resistant surface on docks, ramps, stairs, pool-sides and other areas that require a non slip surface.

Great for waterproofing and surface restoration of extremely damaged decks and patios instead of total replacement.

High build, flexible elastomeric formula fills dimensionally unstable cracks.

Can be used on new or old wood, plywood, composite wood, masonry, and concrete.

The flexible formula withstands temperature changes and expands and contracts with the
surface instead of peeling or cracking.

“Splinterlock” technology locks down wood splinters

Available in 4 stock colors

and over 50 custom colors !

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Spotless Wash
Deck Re-Finish
House Painting
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    White                             Adobe                                Red                               Brown
     Ivory                           Chiffon                            Saffron                        Buttercup                         Canvas
  Tea Rose                      Flamingo                      Coral Pink                        Thistle                               Lilac
   Sangria                       Burgundy                         Wheat                       Golden Rod                        Sand
     Olive                          Apricot                      Sandy Brown                    Golden Tan                   Dessert Sand
Important Note: Computer screens and printers vary in how colors are displayed, so the samples shown on this page 
may vary slightly in color, sheen or finish from actual product and individual results. 
    Scarlet                      Bordeaux                     Chocolate                    Forest Brown                   Burlywood
   Steel Blue                   Slate Gray                    Purple Haze                       Fallow                        Stonehedge
  Slate Blue                  Taupe Gray                         Coffee                          Charcoal                    Dusky Green
    Quartz                        Lavender                      Periwinkle                      Ocean Blue                     Turquoise
 Sea Green                 Lavender Gray                   Pale Blue                      Robin's Egg                   Mint Cream
 Light Slate                       Silver                           Platinum                          Mint                              Granite
     Stone Gray                 Gray Stone                  Sea Shell
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